Question 1: How much will I be receiving from my Jim and Betty Dye Scholarship?
Answer: Jim and Betty Dye Scholarships range from $500 to $3,750 per semester toward tuition ($4,000 to $30,000 total). The amount of each Scholarship is determined prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters and is contingent upon receipt of other scholarships/awards/grants, excluding Pell Grants and one-time awards totaling $1,000 or less. Each Scholarship will be calculated at $3,750 per semester reduced by the amount of other awards, but will be no less than $500 per semester.

Question 2: Can I apply my Scholarship to my tuition bill and apply other awards I have received to other fees such as room and board?
Answer: No – Unless specifically directed otherwise, other awards (excluding Pell Grants and one-time awards totaling $1,000 or less) are considered primary and will be applied toward tuition first and the Scholarship applied secondary.

Question 3: Does the Foundation provide the Scholarship funds to the recipient?
Answer: No – The Scholarships are paid directly to the Bursar and refunds paid to the Foundation.

Question 4: My Bursar bill does not reflect my Scholarship. When will it be paid?
Answer: The Foundation will notify the university of the Scholarship amount at the start of each semester. Your Bursar bill should reflect this as a credit from an outside source. After the semester add/drop period has passed, the university will bill the Foundation for the Scholarship amount.

Question 5: Do I need to send the Foundation a copy of my university tuition bill?
Answer: No – The universities bill the Foundation directly for each Scholarship after the add/drop period.

Question 6: I did not fully use my Scholarship. Can I apply the remaining funds toward further education?
Answer: No – The Scholarships are for eight consecutive undergraduate fall and spring semesters and cannot be applied beyond that timeframe, for additional schooling, or for any other purpose.

Question 7: Can I use my Scholarship for summer school?
Answer: No – The Scholarships are for eight consecutive fall and spring undergraduate semesters only.

Question 8: Do summer school classes count toward my fifteen credit hour average and GPA?
Answer: Yes – Although the Scholarships cannot be applied to summer school, the completion of summer school classes will factor into the credit hour completion and GPA.

Question 9: Do advanced placement classes, dual credit courses, or credits received from high school or university testing or exams count toward my fifteen credit hour average or GPA?
Answer: No – Each student must successfully complete the required fifteen credit hour average and maintain the 3.0 GPA as an enrolled undergraduate degree-seeking student.

Question 10: Will I lose my Scholarship if my semester GPA is below 3.0?
Answer: It is possible to receive a semester GPA below 3.0, however the cumulative GPA must remain at 3.0; or better or the Scholarship will be terminated. The cumulative GPA includes only classes completed as an enrolled undergraduate student (see Question 9).

Question 11: Will I lose my Scholarship if I enroll in less than fifteen credit hours?
Answer: Scholarship recipients must complete an average of fifteen credit hours per semester. It is possible to enroll in or complete less than fifteen credit hours in a semester if enough credit hours have been completed in a previous semester(s) to maintain the fifteen credit hours average. However, please be aware the additional credit hours must be completed PRIOR to enrolling in or completing less. Failure to maintain a minimum average of fifteen credit hours per semester will result in Scholarship termination.

Question 12: Am I limited to enrollment in fifteen credit hours per semester, or can I enroll in more?
Answer: Recipients can enroll in more than fifteen credit hours (see Question 11).

Question 13: Will I lose my Scholarship if I am unable to complete the semester due to an accident/illness/problem?
Answer: The Scholarships can be temporarily suspended due to circumstances beyond a student’s control. It is strongly advised to notify the Foundation immediately with detailed information upon encountering any difficulty completing academics.

Question 14: Do I need to send the Foundation a copy of my transcripts?
Answer: Students at Purdue University West Lafayette and Purdue University Northwest – Yes; you must access your myPurdue account and request a transcript be mailed to the Foundation’s office at the conclusion of each fall and spring semester. This must be accomplished no later than January 15th and June 1st respectively. Students at Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana University Northwest, IUPUI, or Ball State – No; The Foundation requests the transcripts at the conclusion of each semester.

Question 15: Do I need to re-apply for my Scholarship?
Answer: No – Provided the recipient has met the requirements of the Scholarship Program, the Scholarship is automatically renewed each semester.

Question 16: Can I transfer my Scholarship to another university within the Scholarship Program?
Answer: Each request for a university transfer of a Scholarship is considered on a case-to-case basis. The request must be received in writing for the Foundation’s consideration. Requests for universities outside the scholarship program will not be considered.

Question 17: I am planning on attending a study abroad program through the university. Will my Scholarship pay for my studies?
Answer: No – However, there may be a university fee to maintain student status during the abroad studies. The Foundation will pay the fee amount billed by the university for the exchange program only (up to $3,750 less other scholarships) and the student pays the tuition separately to the foreign university.

Question 18: I am planning on entering a university-sponsored internship program that requires attending university classes every other semester, including summer session. The total semesters of classes attended will still equal eight. Will my Scholarship pay for the summer session since it is designed as part of the program?
Answer: No – The Scholarships are for eight consecutive fall and spring undergraduate semesters only and will pay the scholarship amount only during the university attended fall and spring semesters.