Jim and Betty Dye Scholarships are $2,000 per semester toward tuition for a maximum of eight (8) consecutive full-time undergraduate fall and spring semesters ($16,000 total). Universities may adjust the amount of a Jim and Betty Dye Scholarship based upon other received scholarships, awards, or grants.

Receipt of university and other tuition scholarships, awards, or grants is considered primary and will be applied toward tuition first and the Jim and Betty Dye Scholarship applied secondary.

Individuals who are awarded full tuition scholarships such as Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship, Hammond College Bound, or 21st Century Scholarship, etc. are ineligible to receive a Jim and Betty Dye Scholarship.

All Scholarship payments are made directly to the University attended by the student and are applied toward tuition only. Non-tuition student fees such as room and board, books, transportation, parking, health and activity fees are the responsibility of the student. If a recipient leaves the University during the semester, refunds are returned to the Foundation.