New awardees for 2008

Congratulations to the new scholarship recipients selected for 2008

Front, from right
Brittney Corley, Lake Central, Purdue
Holly Huseman, Lowell, Purdue
Brittany Evanich, Griffith, Purdue
Allison Colgrove, Griffith, PUC

Second row, from right
Abbi Lee, Highland, Ball State
Amanda Schassburger, Highland, IUN
Ashley Poby, Lake Central, Purdue
Robbie Kwiecinski, Lake Central, Indiana
Brittany Croft, Lake Central, IUPUI
Andrew Pieri, Highland, Purdue
Nick Hlavaty, Highland, Purdue

Third row, from right
Mora Haddad, Lake Central, Indiana
Kyle Kacius, Lake Central, Purdue
Michael Ashenbrener, Lake Central, Purdue
Joe Olen, Lake Central, Purdue
Nicole Polus, Lake Central, Purdue
Sarah Johnson, Munster, Purdue
Brooke Jones, Highland, Purdue

Fourth row, from right
Josh Long, Griffith, Purdue
Billy Hilbrich, Griffith, Purdue
Elizabeth Ryzak, Griffith, Purdue
Catherine Wadas, Munster, Purdue
Therese Kennelly, Lowell, Indiana

Back row, from right
James W. Dye
Josh Styx, Hanover Central, Indiana
Kevin Jacobs, Crown Point, Purdue
Holly Krause, Lake Central, Indiana
Samantha Curtis, Munster, Purdue Northwest
Jon Solan, Lake Central, Purdue

Not pictured
Jamie Doolittle, Highland, Purdue
Adelle Durant, Crown Point, Ball State
Amanda Mertsching, Lake Central, Indiana